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Welcome Address

Presenter: Grant Attwell, Director, Cannon Events


Panel Discussion: To What Extent do Underwriters Have a Responsibility to Police Net Zero?

According to a report from Beazley, dealing with the immediate pressures of energy transition in an uncertain geopolitical landscape, and accountability for greenhouse gas emissions on the journey to net zero, are proving a distraction from dealing with the overarching, immense threat posed by climate change. This session questions whether it is really the responsibility of insurers to make sure their customers are moving towards net zero and what does that do to their underwriting strategies?

Moderator: Rich Smith, Chief Product Officer, Verisk Specilaty Business Solutions

Panellists: Radmil Kranda, Vice President Energy Underwriting, Head of Offshore Wind, Gard

Nicola Harris, Head of U.K and Lloyd’s Head of Energy, AXA XL

Kayne Sheppard, Energy Casualty Underwriter, Zurich

Kelly Malynn, Senior Risk Manager, Beazley




Presentaion: Oil and Gas – The Future?

09.40-10.30: Empowering the Future of Offshore Renewables

While a lot of attention is focusing on renewables, oil and gas development continues unabated. This session examines the landscape for oil and gas into the future as the fuels become greener and looks at the insurance market reaction to the changing shape of the market.

Join our panel of experts in the field as they explore the latest developments in the exposure management landscape, with a focus on offshore wind and the technology and data that is enabling insurers to monitor and increase growth in this area.

Presenter: Francis Lobo, Head of Engineering, Lancashire Insurance Company

Participants: Graham Pickard, Product Leader SME – Sequel Impact, Verisk Specialty Business Solutions

Stephen Gordon, Managing Director, Clarksons Research

James Green, Director of Renewable Energy and Power, Thomas Miller Specialty

Irina Behnert, Senior Product Manager Specialty Lines, Verisk Extreme Event Solutions


Discovery presentations: The Alternatives – What Next for the Energy Market?

Many people are familiar with hydrogen as a new fuel and everyone knows about nuclear energy. In this session we dive deeper into hydrogen and nuclear developments.

Presenters: Celia Greaves, Chief Executive Officer, Hydrogen Energy Association

Zemfira Knott, Director, Northcourt Nuclear Risk Specialists


Networking Break sponsored by Noria


Panel Discussion: Fit for Purpose Insurance?

As the shift away from traditional oil and gas leads to a wider range of organisations and so a move away from the ‘traditional’ leaders, this sessions analyses the impact on underwriting and claims handling. We also consider the effect of the scaling up of the renewable sector and consider whether there is sufficient market capacity and understanding of the new risks. Is there a risk that the demand for product will ultimately impact quality and therefore add risk?

Moderator: Lee Swain, Partner, MDD Forensics

Panellists: Andrew Herring, Chief Executive Officer Energy and Power, Marsh

Mohammed Zeeshan, Underwriter, GCube Insurance

Capt. Stephen Norman, Global Business Development Director, Energy Systems, Noble Denton Marine Services DNV

Bin Wang, Vice President Offshore Renewables, Norwegian Hull Club


Presentation: Building Back Better?

Some markets are considering additional coverage that allows the insured to ‘build back better’ after an insured event, allowing for the ‘greening’ of existing sites. This session uncovers how this works and asks whether it presents underwriters with a new opportunity to upsell.

Participants: Gary Mawditt, Chief Executive Officer and Global Head of Upstream Claims, MatthewsDaniel



Discovery Session: An Extremely Challenging Time – Global Weather Patterns on the Move

Extreme weather is becoming more normal these days as the world gets used to a climate in flux and the risk of more extreme weather to come. The question we pose is whether this might result in countries reverting to fossil fuels to cope with the crisis facing them, delaying the energy transition?

Paricipants: Roderick Rennison, Vice President, Industrial and Renewable Energy Practice, Rimkus


Lunch and Networking Break


Panel Discussion: It’s All (Jones) Action Here

The Jones Act, which restricts foreign workers, is having a huge effect on the use of talent across the world as everything from design and planning to construction, and finally implementation of energy projects, are skewed by the rules. Many in the energy market feared it would result in more claims as inexperienced workers are used, but in this session, we will investigate the claims picture and see how it is affecting claims, as well as how will it affect claims.

Moderator: Matthew Yau, Director, Lloyd Warwick

Panellists: Jan Pagan, Specialist Risk Control Engineer, Markel

Paul Lowrie, Partner, Clyde & Co

Oliver Paine, Specialty Insurance, Global Segment Leadwer, Offshore, Scor


Presentation: Carbon Capture – A New Way of Dealing with End of Life Assets?

Where a fossil fuel fired plant or a traditional refinery is approaching end of life, an insured will need its coverage to adapt. In this session we look at the trend of handling end of life assets and also at the growing wave of carbon capture solutions using old oil rigs.

Presenter: Susan Swails, Client Director, Aon




Presentation: Government Support – Is it Working?

14.30-15.15: Cables: The Achilles Heel of the Offshore Renewables

As the United States’ President Biden and the European Union both announce large packages of incentives to woo investors in the energy space, this session considers the impact on the energy market. We ask how the energy insurance market and investment capital can work together to support the energy transition.

Cables account for some 75% of all claims relating to renewables. We consider the lessons learned from the past year, including from some headline-making snagging claims, and at the technology that is enabling the market to keep a closer watch on what is happening out at sea.

Presenter: Joe Dutton, Business Development Lead, Renewable Energy, AXIS

Participants: Robert Bates, Head of Claims, Nardac

Matthew Yau, Director, Lloyd Warwick

GQ Xu, Underwriter, Scor


Fireside Chat: What’s New for New Technology?

A few years ago, technology was always described as new, so in this session we ask what is new today and likely to come in the near future. We ask how insurers can keep pace with the changing risks and plug any protection gaps.

Participants: Euan Nicolson, Global Energy CCO/Energy Transition Group Leader UK, Aon

Tom Dickson, Chief Executive Officer, New Energy Risk


Networking Break sponsored by Noria


Discovery Session: Do We Have Enough Materials for the Energy Transition?

With many governments setting net-zero carbon emissions targets and looking to move from fossil-based energy production to renewable energy sources, this session explores whether we have enough materials to satisfy the requirements for the energy transition. Must new policies, taxes and lifestyle changes be introduced to ensure sustainability, or will it be a free-for-all?

Participants: Edward Secchi, Director, MDD Forensic Accountants


Fireside Chat: Ukraine and the Impact on the Energy Market

Several Ukrainian Wind and Solar Farms have been impacted by direct damage or occupation since the conflict began with Russia in February 2022. In this fireside chat, we explore insights from the Risk Manager responsible for developing insurance policies at Ukraine’s largest renewable operator, and an Adjuster currently handling renewable energy War Risk claims in Ukraine.

Participants: Mykhalio Rushkovskyi, Formally Head of Risk Management, DTEK Group

Daniel Granberg, Renewable Energy Adjuster, Lloyd Warwick


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