Energy Insurance London

13 June 2024

The Mermaid Theatre, London


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Grant Attwell, Managing Director, Cannon Events


Panel Discussion: State of the Market – Renewables/Oil & Gas

This session will dive into the state of both the traditional oil & gas markets as well as the renewables sector. We will look at how the market has developed from the challenges of 2023 and compare the two sectors in terms of available capacity, terms and conditions, as well as deductibles. We will also consider the impact of rising interest rates on the mid-stream market and its ultimate impact on insurance. The panel will explore the available reinsurance for both sectors and ask what the future might hold for 2024 and beyond.

Moderator: Simon Jackson, Partner, Clyde & Co

Panellists: Andrew Herring, Chief Executive Officer, Energy and Power, Marsh

Oliver Paine, Global Segment Leader – Offshore, Scor

Sam Martyn, Managing Director, Head of Natural Resources, Howden

Alison Clarke, Renewables Leader – Global Broking Centre, Commercial Risk Solutions, Aon

James Boyle, Head of Energy – London, Liberty Specialty Markets


Panel Discussion: Appetite for Gas Against a Backdrop of Changing Policies

With more than 40% of the global population, or more than 4 billion people going to the polls this year, there is a widespread expectation of a massive shift in government attitudes towards green energy versus traditional oil and gas. In the UK, Rishi Sunak has pledged support for gas in a bid to ensure energy security into the future. Labour have different plans. This session asks whether governments are placing energy security over green energy and what that will mean for the insurance sector.

Moderator: Franco D’Andrea, Partner, DWF Law

Panellists: Rod Rennison, Senior Vice President Global Energy Services, Rimkus

Anna Gradoń, Project Manager, Rystad Energy

Keri Mackenzie, Class Manager, Energy, CNA Hardy


Presentation: Projects of the Future

The nuts, bolts and concrete will be the same, but projects are increasingly dependent on their interfaces. The cables and pipes are carrying different mediums. The pipes will carry fuel that is, in the short to medium term, increasingly expensive and will have less capacity compared to natural gas networks. Cables will be carrying power from variable renewable sources, sometimes without the resilience of the grid. Cables will also be carrying new data, trusted data from other stakeholders, but also data that is vulnerable to cyber attack. All this accumulates with new unknown risks. This presentation will unpack how our thinking needs to change for projects of the future.

Presenter: Tim Hare, UK and Ireland Head of Sales, Energy Systems, DNV


Coffee and Networking in the Pre-Function Area


Presentation: Carbon Sequestration – Capturing the Carbon and Keeping it Captured

Those offering carbon capture have the benefit of subsidies from governments keen to achieve their net zero goals. However, there is a real risk to these companies if they fail to capture the CO₂ or it were to escape, with the promised value effectively disappearing into thin air. Can the insurance market step up and provide innovative solutions to reduce that risk? We examine the opportunities for the industry.

Presenter: Richard Riley, Managing Director of Business Development, New Energy Risk


Panel Discussion: Infrastructure/Supply Chain Disruption

While claims might be an inevitable part of the insurance cycle, business interruption has become an ever-larger proportion of claims. As renewable technology changes rapidly, so the emergence of serial defects is beginning to hamper the sector. Combined with supply chain disruptions, insurers are seeing claims for much longer periods of downtime. The question for the market is whether insureds are buying enough cover. Should the one-year BI period be extended to two years, for example?

Moderator: Paul Lowrie, Partner, Clyde & Co

Panellists: Robert Bates, Partner, NARDAC

Hugh Selka, Underwriter, Marine and Special Risks, Tokio Marine Kiln

Joe Hassett, Senior Offshore Renewables Broker, Director, Aon 


Presentation: Joining the Dots – Interconnectors

Interconnectors enable countries to share renewable energy and right now, there is a boom in development. This session asks what this means for insurance and the risks that these systems carry. How do war and terrorism risks impact the appetite for this market and what are the other risks, such as damage? How closely does the insurance industry work with government in terms of the security risks?

Presenter: Joe Dutton, Energy Innovation Lead, AXIS


Lunch and Networking in the Pre-Function Area


Fireside Chat: The Importance of Digital Trading in the Energy Market

Digital trading is transforming energy insurance, streamlining processes, improving risk assessment and enhancing client services. Market trends reveal a convergence of risk appetite among carriers in this market. Digitisation within the energy sector will be pivotal to enable swift underwriting decisions and empower players to focus on strategic placements for significant impact.

Participants: Henry Laurie, Placement Leader for Casualty – Energy and Power, Marsh

Charley Wright, Head of Account Management, Whitespace


Roundtable Discussions: Two sessions will run for 30-minutes with changeover time

Suggested Topics: Serial Defects, Offshore and Distribution, Onshore Cabling, Net Zero, Exposure Management, Battery Storage, Environmental Liability, Re-Insurance, Hydrogen, LNG Exports, Nuclear, Energy Security & Green Agenda, Oil & Gas, Wind Turbine Size.


Coffee and Networking in the Pre-Function Area


Presentation: Increasing Energy System Flexibility: The Hydrogen Opportunity

To reach a Net Zero 2050, the energy system will have to undergo a radical transformation in which alternative sources of clean energy will play an increasing role. This session will explore the rise of hydrogen as a leading source and store of clean energy with which to increase the resilience and flexibility of national, as well as global energy systems. We will outline the global progress in the hydrogen space before delving into some of the challenges and opportunities this presents for the UK, and what this means the insurance sector.

Presenter: John Roberts, Lead Policy Analyst, Hydrogen Energy Association


Panel Discussion: Claims Trends – Renewables and Oil & Gas

Given the size of the risks insured, the energy insurance market has always been a subscription market, with multiple insurers in different regions of the world. However, the differing views and approaches of those included on the same slip and the proliferation of placements on more than one slip, have resulted in challenges in communication and claims handling. Is it possible to have greater transparency and consistency and is it necessary? This session will explore recent claims and the way in which the market has handled them.

Moderator: Gary Walkling, Partner Global Risks Team, DWF Law

Panellists: Roy Munoz, Global Head of Claims, GCube 

Steven Horne, Managing Director – Global Insurance Operations, Rimkus/CCi 

Christopher Lynch, Head of Energy, Marine and Construction Claims UK, Zurich

Paul Stratton, Head of Energy Claims, Probitas 1492


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